Movable Ink Integration

Movable Ink Integration

Take advantage of Movable Ink to deliver highly relevant, personalized push notifications, Message Center messages, in-app automations, and emails — all from Airship.

In Movable Ink, you can set up campaigns with personalized messaging and visuals that follow your audience across platforms. You can then take advantage of your Movable Ink campaigns in Airship, ensuring that you send your audience relevant content that increases audience engagement.

  • Merge sale-specific information in your messages: Promote product-based messaging in your app after a user views content in a website or an email.

  • Target your audience contextually: Send time-targeted messages to make sure your audience knows about upcoming events, weather, time-targeted offers, etc.

  • Offer behavioral recommendations: Let your audience know about product substitutes or events tangential to their current interests to keep them engaged.

To get started with Movable Ink in Airship, contact Airship creates your templates for Message Center messages, making it easy to take advantage of your Movable Ink campaigns when sending messages.

To use Movable Ink in Airship, you’ll design your media in Movable Ink, and then insert those assets (image src attributes or link href attributes) into your Airship messages.

For more information, see our Movable Ink Partner Documentation.