SMS Tag Actions

Set tags and automatically segment your audience when users interact with your SMS messages.

Now you can add and remove tags from your audience when they interact with Airship-shortened linksConverts HTTP/HTTPS URLs in your SMS messages to unique, shortened URLs for your recipients. The shortened URLs reduce the total number of characters that links consume and produce ‘click’ tracking metrics for your SMS messages. in your messages. With SMS message actions, you can automatically segment your audience when they interact with links in your messages.

Adding and removing tags when your audience clicks links in your messages makes it easy to track conversions and your SMS audience’s general engagement with a message. It also provides a mechanism to filter users out of journeys when they click a link, so you don’t over-message customers after they engage with your message.

To add tag actions in the dashboard, in any message with a link, use the Set Tags option to add or remove tags from users who interact with your link.

In the API, you can add query parameters to a link to set tag actions for a URL.

  • Add a tag: ?ua-tag-add=my_tag_group:tag_to_add
  • Remove a tag: ?ua-tag-remove=my_tag_group:tag_to_remove

Add and remove a tag in an SMS Notification
POST /api/push HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Basic <master authorization string>
Accept: application/vnd.urbanairship+json; version=3
Content-Type: application/json

   "audience": {
      "AND": [
            "tag": "basketball",
            "group": "interests"
            "tag": "portland",
            "group" "metro_area"
   "notification": {
      "sms": {
         "alert": "Go to to make the Blazers your favorite team!",
         "expiry": 172800,
         "shorten_links": true
   "device_types": [ "sms" ]


If you or other users create new tags when adding tag actions in the Airship dashboard, your new tags are created in the device tag group. You can replicate this behavior by adding the ?ua-tag-add=devices:<new_tag> query parameter to a URL in your SMS message in the API.

For more information about SMS link shortening and tag actions, see: