Web SDK Plugins

Web SDK Plugins

Introducing a new plugin framework for our Web Notification SDK, and two plugins to make user acquisition easier.

Our new plugins help you improve your user onboarding flow: a Customizable HTML Prompt and a Registration Page.

We have long recommended that you provide a “soft prompt” or “soft opt-in” on your website before asking a user to opt in to web notifications. Until now, however, you needed to implement these elements on your own. Understanding that development resources are scarce and the importance of increasing opt-in user numbers, we built these features to help get you up and running faster.

This release also comes at a critical time, as both Firefox and Chrome have made changes to the way users can be prompted for web notifications, making a soft opt-in prompt a key component of any web notification strategy.

HTML Prompt

With the new custom HTML prompt, you can customize a number of settings and design options within the HTML for the prompt, including the position of the alert on the page, the text and logo image, display delay, and more.

There are two different options for the appearance of the prompt: an alert and a bell icon:



See HTML Prompt for detailed configuration options.

Registration Page

When integrating Airship web notifications on a non-HTTPS website, this feature allows you to open a registration page inside a pop-up on the correct HTTPS-enabled registration domain to collect the user opt-in.

See Registration Page in our Web platform docs for details.