Adobe Analytics Integration Updates

You can now send more Airship Real-Time Data Streaming events into Adobe Analytics.


If you set up your integration before March 11, 2020, you must create a new integration to take advantage of these updates.

Our Adobe Analytics integrations now support a more comprehensive set of Real-Time Data Streaming events. When you create a new integration, you can take advantage of the following events:

  • Opens
  • Sends
  • Control
  • Custom Event
  • First Opens
  • First Opt-In
  • In-App Message Expiration, Resolution, and Display Events
  • Location
  • Region
  • Message Center Read, Delivery, and Delete Events
  • Send Rejected
  • Tag Changes
  • Uninstalls

New Adobe Analytics integrations also feature improved namespacing: we now prepend Airship event properties with airship. This makes it easier to configure your integration, and prevents data collisions with other integrations.

For example, this is the push identifier of a notification that caused an event:

   "body": {
      "triggering_push": {
         "push_id": "d99bd842-f816-4560-bc59-b057f7c0e164"

In Adobe Analytics, this field is available for mapping as airship.body.triggering_push.push_id. When mapped to an sProp, eVar, event, or other Adobe Analytics concept), the variable’s value would be d99bd842-f816-4560-bc59-b057f7c0e164.

See our Adobe Analytics documentation for more information.