Upload Audience Lists Over SFTP

Upload Audience Lists Over SFTP

Now you can quickly transfer and ingest audience data from external CRMs and other sources over SFTP and add it to Airship as an audience list.

Many enterprise platforms rely on CSV lists to export and transfer data. Now you can quickly and easily bring your external customer data into Airship by transferring CSVs directly to Airship over SFTP.

SFTP (secure file transfer protocol) provides a way to encrypt and upload files over a secure channel. It’s a standard protocol that many enterprise platforms and file transfer clients support — homespun CRMs, SalesForce Marketing Cloud, and even free clients like FileZilla. Adding support for SFTP makes it much easier for you to transfer audience lists to Airship.

When you upload a file, Airship processes it using our Audience Lists API, and it becomes available under Audience » Lists » Uploaded. You can then use the Target Specific Users audience option to send messages to members of your lists.

For more information, see the SFTP upload tutorial.