Amplitude Update

We’ve updated our Amplitude integration supporting a broader range of RTDS events.

Now you can feed much more integration into Amplitude from Airship. When setting up an Amplitude integration, you can select from the full range of events supported by Real-Time Data StreamingA service that delivers engagement events in real time via the Data Streaming API or an Airship partner integration. integrations.

This updated integration also takes advantage of Amplitude’s Identify API, applying Airship tags in the current object in tag_change events to user_properties for your audience in Amplitude. This can help you segment your users in Amplitude based on Airship audience information.

For example, if Airship recorded a tag_change event for a named user who was associated with tags in the crm tag group, Amplitude would record an Airship crm array in user_properties.

   "user_properties": {
      "ios_channel": "1ef235f0-03d5-1384-893e-a19b5cd0d110",
      "channel": "1ef235f0-03d5-1384-893e-a19b5cd0d110",
      "device_type": "IOS",
      "Airship crm": ["partner", "active", "new_user"],
      "Airship loyalty": ["silver_member", "special_offers"],
      "Airship device": ["san_francisco", "sports"]

See our Amplitude documentation for more information.