Updated Engagement Reports

Updated Engagement Reports

View your engagement data in Airship’s redesigned reports — the same information, but in fewer clicks and with an updated UI.

Starting today, you will see a shorter Reports menu in the Airship dashboard, and a new addition: App Metrics.

The new App Metrics report consolidates four reports:

  • Monthly App Metrics
  • App Opens
  • Push Sends
  • Time In App

You will also see redesigns for these reports:

  • Devices — We added aggregate counts at the top for a complete snapshot of cross-channel audiences.
  • Push Response
  • Unique App Opens

We removed the Statistics report. You can find the information that was linked from that report in these locations:

Statistics Report LinksLocation
Billing audienceMonthly Billing Quantity
Current AudienceDevices report
Push SendsApp Metrics report

We did not change these reports:

  • Email
  • Event Tracking
  • SMS
  • Web