Attributes Beta: Phase II

Attributes Beta: Phase II

Use attributes to target users with precision, using complex expressions to evaluate audience inclusion.

In November 2019 we launched our beta program for Airship Attributes, a segmentation feature that provides a new kind of flexibility when targeting users. That release included:

  • App channel support
  • Text attributes
  • equals, contains, less, and greater operators
  • Set attributes from mobile SDKs and API
  • Add custom attributes from the dashboard
  • Dashboard and API support for targeting users using attributes

Today’s release adds:

  • Number attributes (integer or decimal) — Now you can take advantage of the equals, less, and greater operators
  • empty operator
  • Web, Email, SMS, and Open Channels support for attributes — Now you can use attributes with apps and any other channel
  • Set attributes from web SDK — Track web site visits, video views, and audio plays

See our updated Attributes documentation to get started with these additions.

Attributes are currently a beta feature. If you wish to participate in the beta program, please complete our signup form.