Cross-Channel Journeys

Cross-Channel Journeys

Airship Journeys now have support for channel coordination at the individual message level, and cross-channel retargeting.

Channel Coordination

Channel coordination is a group of strategies you can use to target users where they are most likely to receive your message. For each message in a journey, you will select a strategy and the channels you want to include for delivery. Available strategies:

  • Fan Out: Target named users on all the channels they are opted in to, maximizing the chances they receive your message. This strategy is suitable for highly urgent messages, where the user will not be sensitive to over-messaging. This stratgey is used when a journey does not have a triggering channel, e.g., a message sent as a result of a named user custom event or tag change, which equally applies to all channels.

  • Last Active: Target named users on the opted-in channel they used most recently. In many cases user recency is the best indicator of preference.

  • Originating Channel: Target named users on the channel that triggered the journey. Messaging users on the channels they use to engage your brand can help ensure a consistent user experience. This strategy is used for all accounts not enabled for channel coordination.

  • Priority Channel with Fallback: Target named users on the first channel they are opted in to of the priority order you set.

When you use channel coordination, your selected channels and strategy are listed at the top of message previews in the journey manager screen. If you chose Priority Channel, the channels appear in priority order.

Cross-Channel Retargeting

Cross-channel retargeting is a method for sending messages in a journey to selected channels based on behavior in a different channel. For example, you can send an email based on an app tag change or when a user taps a push notification.

You can also apply channel coordination and Predictive ChurnAnalyzes your audience for users that exhibit behaviors indicating they are likely to become inactive, and tags the users as High, Medium, or Low Risk. for more complex retargeting.


  • Retail: When a user becomes high risk for churn, send messages with increasing discounts to email, SMS, web, and app channels, to entice them back to your app or website. Channel coordination strategy: Fan Out.

  • Travel: When a user purchases a flight, send promotions for preferred seating and lounge passes to the channel where the user purchased the ticket (i.e., where the event originated from). Channel coordination strategy: Originating Channel.


Channel coordination for Journeys requires Orchestration or Predictive Churn. Please contact Airship Sales to enable Orchestration, Predictive Churn, and Journeys for your account.