EU Cloud Site

EU Cloud Site

We are excited to announce our new cloud environment, located exclusively within the European Union. Our EU site is identical to our US site in every way, except that all data is handled within the EU, with traffic routed over EU-specific APIs.

This new regional production site expands our global footprint and will accommodate customers who have a need for their data and systems to be located within the EU.

What is the EU cloud site?

Prior to the release of the EU cloud site, all Airship systems and data storage were located in US cloud provider data centers. EUCS is another production environment, located in European Union data centers, providing you with the option to choose where you want to store and access your Airship data and systems.

How do I access the EUCS?

Beginning late July 2019, new Airship customers who either a) are based in the EU/APAC regions, or b) state their preference for EUCS to their Airship Account Manager, will use EUCS.

Do you have docs for this?

Yes! Well, sort of! We didn’t write an entire new documentation site for this new cloud site because our services work the same regardless of your cloud site. You will, however, need to configure your Airship projects and API integrations to communicate with the right cloud site.

For mobile apps, there is a config option setting: site = EU.

For API integrations, you will use as your base URL for channel integrations, as described in our API docs.

Here’s a handy table comparing the relevant US vs EU domains, depending on which site you are using:

US DomainEU DomainService
go.urbanairship.comgo.airship.euCustomer UI & APIs
wallet-api.urbanairship.comwallet-api.asnapieu.comWallet API
connect.urbanairship.comconnect.asnapieu.comReal-Time Data Streaming API