Custom Short Link Domains

Custom Short Link Domains

Take advantage of your highly-recognizable brand and increase conversions while saving characters in SMS messages using Airship-shortened links with a custom domain.

Airship’s link shortening feature already reduces the length of URLs in your SMS and MMS messages, helping save characters for meaningful conversations with your audience. Now you can take advantage of your brand name in shortened links, making your links more recognizable to your users, increasing click-through rates, and reducing opt-outs by providing more-relevant messages.

When you enable a custom domain for short links, Airship can reduce links like to Your custom domain replaces Airship’s default or domains. Shortened links using or resembling your company name can help your audience better recognize who sent them a message and make them more likely to click through.

To take advantage of a shortened, custom domain, you must:

  1. Register your short domain name with a Domain Name Registrar.
  2. Host the domain.
  3. Implement a redirect configuration applicable to the web server you use. Our documentation contains instructions for a few common web servers.
  4. Contact Airship to enable your custom short link domain.

See Custom Short Link Domains for more information.