Apptimize Airship Integration

Apptimize Airship Integration

Bring your end-to-end experimentation and optimization game to the next level with Apptimize and Airship.

In August of this year, we acquired Apptimize, the leading solution for testing and optimizing mobile apps.

Today we are excited to announce our first Airship/Apptimize integration, Coordinated Experimentation.

Coordinated Experimentation takes feature flag- and/or experiment-level data about a user and transforms it into tags that can be used for targeting users via Airship. With this integration, you can target users with Airship messaging based on their enrollment and participation in the following Apptimize projects:

  • A/B Experiment
  • Feature Flag
  • Instant Update
  • Winning Variant

These tags will be automatically created for users in Airship provided that you have the latest Apptimize and Airship SDKs running in your app. (See Requirements below).


For a user enrolled in variant B of a new A/B Experiment in your new “My Cool Project” project, the following Airship tag will be created.

These tags will all be contained within an Apptimize tag group labeled “ua_apptimize” on the Airship dashboard.

   "tag_groups": {
      "ua_apptimize": [

Apptimize tags will be immediately available for audience targeting, including as automation triggers. Tags will be removed when the user is unenrolled from the test/project.


The Apptimize iOS and Android SDKs come pre-packaged with the Coordinated Experimentation integration between Apptimize and Airship. If both Apptimize and Airship SDKs are installed in your app, the integration will automatically create user-level tags in Airship based on the status of A/B Experiments and Feature Flags for that user.

  • Android: Apptimize SDK 3.5.0+ / Airship SDK 11.0.0+
  • iOS: Apptimize SDK 3.2.0+ / Airship SDK 12.0.0+


If you are unfamiliar with Apptimize, please see How Airship and Apptimize Work Together to Optimize the Entire Customer Journey to learn more.

For additional use cases and details on getting started with Apptimize, see Airship Integration on the Apptimize docs site.