Personalization for Custom Event Automation

Personalization for Custom Event Automation

Now you can personalize automated messages using values from custom events. Automatically send your audience relevant, compelling messages in response to their actions outside Airship.

When using custom events to trigger an Automation, you can personalize the resulting messages on a one-to-one basis with individual audience members using merge fields, dynamic content, and even content loops. This new feature supports all of Airship’s channels, so you can automate personalized interactions with your audience on the platforms that best suit you and your users.

By personalizing messages using custom events, you can handle sophisticated interactions, like abandoned carts — in which your message might need to loop through all the content in the cart and display different content blocks based on the items or total amount in the cart. Send coupons, pricing updates, and more, based on the events and event properties that you feed into Airship!

When you create a custom event-triggered automation, you can use Airship’s Dynamic ContentVariable message content using Handlebars syntax that you populate at send time. Use dynamic content to personalize messages for each member of your audience. syntax in your message. For example, you might iterate over items in a cart using {{#each cart}}.

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