SMS Support in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

SMS Support in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Coordinate and trigger Airship SMS messages using the Salesforce Journey Builder.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder provides an interface and framework for you to automate communication and touch-points with your customers. Now you can trigger SMS messages from your Airship SMS senders within your SFMC journeys. Send targeted SMS campaigns to onboard, activate, retain, and re-engage your customers.

This integration also exposes Airship’s SMS Link-Shortening feature in SFMC. When sending SMS messages, Airship can convert links to unique, 25-character URLs for each member of your audience. Aside from saving characters in your messages, Airship-shortened links generate click metrics for your audience. With shortened links, you can track the effectiveness of your message as a whole through Airship reports, and track clicks for each individual member of your audience through Airship Real-Time Data Streaming short_link_click events.

You can send messages from any of your Airship long- or shortcode senders without any software development; you can send SMS messages as soon as you add your senders to Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

In your Airship Mobile journey activity, it’s a quick 3-step process:

  1. Select the SMS channel and your sender.
  2. Enter your notification text.
  3. Confirm your message setup.

See the Salesforce partner documentation for more information.