iOS 13 Support

iOS 13 Support

Airship releases iOS SDK 12 supporting iOS 13 and Project Catalyst.

Project Catalyst

Apple’s new Project Catalyst makes it easy for you to Bring Your iPad App to Mac, allowing you to reach a much larger audience with native Mac apps.

Our new iOS SDK 12.0 supports Catalyst apps, letting you expand your audience to Mac desktop users with push notifications, Message Center, and In-App Automation.

While the newest macOS version, Catalina, is still in beta, we are considering this release to be our preview release for macOS support. We hope to learn more from you about your use cases and plans to use Airship features on macOS, so please let us know!

Dark Mode support and named color styling for Message Center

We improved our dark mode support by adding the ability for you to provide your theme colors in a dictionary instead of a hex string.


We introduced a new UAChannel class to handle channel-related functionality such as channel creation and tagging. As a result, we have deprecated the corresponding functionality in the UAPush class. It will be removed in our next major SDK release, 13.0.

Additional updates include:

  • Updated iOS location permissions, aka “Allow only once”
  • Spoken notification compatibility
  • Multi-window and target scene compatibility
  • A new header for APNS payloads called apns-push-type.
  • Updated minimum target to iOS 11, removing support for iOS 10 and below
  • XCode 11 is now required for building the SDK

See our iOS Changelog for the full rundown of the changes in this release.

Getting Started

See our iOS Getting Started guide to start using our new SDK.

If you are upgrading from a previous version of our SDK, see our Migration Guide.