SMS Click Metrics

SMS Click Metrics

SMS reports now include click metrics for Airship-shortened links, helping you track audience engagement with your SMS messages.

Clicks represent the number and percentage of users who have engaged with your Airship-shortened links in SMS messages. This metric can help you gauge user engagement by determining how effectively your SMS messages drive traffic to your sites.

Click metrics are now included in:

  • The SMS report — Go to Reports » SMS.
  • Message reports — Go to Messages » Messages Overview and click   for a message.

To take advantage of the new Clicks metric, you must use the Shorten Links setting when sending SMS messages that include links. Airship’s link shortening feature produces individualized URLs for each recipient, helping us track engagement down to the individual user.

As noted in our original SMS Link Shortening release, you can also track short_link_click events in the Real-Time Data Stream.