In-App Automation Localization

In-App Automation Localization

Localize your In-App Automation messages by language or locale.

Airship sends the appropriate localization to each member of your audience based on device settings gathered by the Airship SDK.

When composing your message, you will upload a CSV containing your localizations. Upon upload, we automatically create a localized message per language or language and country. You can then preview and edit each localized message version, all from within the In-App Automation composer.

For your convenience, we provide a sample CSV for download, accessible in the Content step when creating your message. When you upload custom HTML, the sample CSV file contains columns for each data-ua-id-associated element that you can pass localized values to.

We also updated Performance Analytics to include reporting for your localized messages:

  • Top-level for a message, all localizations combined.
  • Per language/language and country for a message.
  • Aggregate-level per locale, so you can compare performance across all messages sent in English to all messages sent in French, for example.