New Template Interface for Email, SMS, and Open Channels

New Template Interface for Email, SMS, and Open Channels

Use Airship’s improved email, SMS, and open channel templates to send personalized messages to your audience without having to rewrite targeted messages for individual audience members.

Airship’s improved template interface helps you create reusable messages for your email, SMS, and open channel audiences. Using templates, you can quickly produce messages with a singular voice and more efficiently converse with your audience.

The template interface takes advantage of our new dynamic content features. Now you can personalize your templated messages for each member of your audience using variables (merge fields) and operators determining the text each individual member of the audience will receive.

You can take advantage of templates in the message composer when you choose Upload Users, or when using the /create-and-send API. When you specify a template, you provide both the list of audience members you want to send messages to and the relevant data that you want to populate in the template for each audience member.