Segment Integration

Segment Integration

Enrich your customer profiles with Airship user events, and take your automation campaigns to the next level with Segment triggers.

Who is Segment?

Segment is a Customer Data Infrastructure company whose mission is to solve all of your customer data challenges. Through the hundreds of service and platform integrations that Segment supports, you can combine multiple data sources to build rich customer profiles and design your marketing campaigns to respond to user actions and events.

The Airship/Segment integration is bi-directional, meaning that you can use Airship as either:

Real-Time Data Streaming

(Segment Source Integration)

Using Real-Time Data Streaming, send rich user-level mobile, SMS, web, email, and Open Channel data to Segment for advanced analytics and storage. Segment will then transform your Airship data into traits and audiences, unifying users and content across different platforms.

Server-Side Custom Events & Tags

(Segment Destination Integration)

In your Segment dashboard, you can set tags on users, e.g., menswear-big-spender, for engagement campaigns and send Server-Side Custom Events to trigger automations after users perform a specific action such as abandoning a cart on your website.

Get Started

Follow the steps in our Segment integration documentation.