Dynamic Content with Looping and Comparison Operators

Dynamic Content with Looping and Comparison Operators

Personalize messages for each member of your audience, using looping and comparison operators. You can reach into objects or arrays to list data in a message, and compare values to show, hide, or customize message content.

Use comparison operators to compare values and determine the message content you want to send to each member of your audience. For example, you might send different messages to your audience based on the age group they belong to or the number of times they’ve shopped at your store.

With looping operators, you can insert repeatable elements into your messages based on objects or arrays of values, like a user’s order details, browsing history, or local events they’re subscribed to.

You can use looping and comparison operators when personalizing email, SMS, MMS, and open channel messages. When personalizing your message with these operators, you provide the external data you want to use to personalize messages using the Create and Send API or by uploading a CSV containing external data when you send messages through the Airship UI.

With looping and comparison operators, you can:

  • List all of the items a customer has left in their cart in an email, encouraging them to complete their purchase.
  • Personalize messages based on items a member of the audience has shopped for.
  • Send emails with all of the local events that a person might be interested in attending.
  • Send SMS and email messages with multiple boarding passes.
  • Personalize messages based on how frequently someone has shopped with you (greater than or less than 5 times).