Predictive Web Churn

Predictive Web Churn

Take advantage of the predictive model in your Web channel to identify and retain users who are at risk of leaving your audience.

As a part of Airship’s commitment to maximize the availability of engagement data across your channels, we have made Predictive Churn available to Web channels.

Predictive Web Churn makes it easy for you to identify and engage users who are at risk for churningAn outcome in which a previously active user becomes inactive, i.e., Airship has not seen any activity (measured in app opens, website visits, or web notification clicks) from a user in the last 30 days. out of your the Web audience. The predictive model assigns your audience to risk groups, based on the likelihood that they will leave your audience — or churn. You can take advantage of these risk groups to send timely messages to retain audience members that are likely to churn out (the high-risk group) or drive loyalty with your most motivated users (the low-risk group).

Like Predictive App Churn, the predictive model runs weekly on Mondays. The model considers 60 days of user-level activity based on web sessions and web clicks to determine the likelihood that active users can become inactive. The model then assigns active users into high-, medium-, and low-risk groups.

You can target audiences within each group, and see churn assessments over time in the Performance Analytics Predictive dashboard. You can even take advantage of Real-Time Data Streaming to import predictive churn tags into your data lake.

Contact your Airship account manager to add Predictive Web Churn to your account. Refer to our documentation for more information about Predictive Churn for both Apps and Web.