Audience Retargeting

Audience Retargeting

You can now send follow-up messages to the audience of a parent message.

With Audience Retargeting, you can maintain a message thread with members of your audience who did or did not engage with a parent message, making it easy to maintain message threads that are meaningful to your audience. Previously, you would have had to use Performance Analytics or track your users outside Airship to make this possible.

Now, when composing a new push notification, you have the option to Generate retargeting segments for the message. You can then go to the message report page for your message, and send follow-ups to:

  • Users who engaged with the parent message.
  • Users who didn’t engage with the parent message.
  • The entire parent message audience.

While your follow-up message targets a segment generated from the parent, you can add additional audience criteria to narrow down your audience, helping you follow up with specific subsets of your audience who received a parent message.

The Audience Retargeting feature requires Airship’s Orchestration or Predictive packages. For more information about Audience Retargeting, see the Audience Retargeting Tutorial.