Urban Airship is now Airship

Urban Airship is now Airship

We have changed our company name, logo, and our brand identity. Underneath, we’re still the same great customer engagement platform.

What Else Has Changed?

If you are an avid reader of these docs, you will notice that apart from the colors and the logo not much has changed. Our content is the same as before, sans Urban.

The changes that you will notice in these docs, as well as on our corporate and Support websites and in our product, have to do with naming and content organization. This page is an overview of the name and documentation changes. Read on for details.

Product Names

We have renamed our product lines:

  • Engage is now Channels
  • Connect is now Real-Time Data Streaming
  • Insight is now Performance Analytics
  • Reach is now Mobile Wallet
  • Web Notify is now Web Notifications


With so many channels to coordinate, it’s a full-time job for marketers to optimize the timing, delivery channel, and content of messaging and marketing campaigns. You need different tools, or a different mix of tools, to acquire and retain users and grow customer value. Our Orchestration focus comprises the features that do the coordination, automation, personalization, and optimization for you.

Orchestration includes the renamed features in this table, as well as A/B Testing and In-App Automation.

Previous nameNew name
Intelligent OrchestrationChannel Coordination
Real-Time AutomationAutomation
Profile PersonalizationPersonalization

Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics is our new grouping of out-of-the-box reporting, Real-Time Data Streaming, and Performance Analytics, plus our predictive features, which are now labeled Predictive AI.

Read about Data & Analytics in the Intro to Data, Predictive Churn, and Optimal Send Time.

Previous nameNew name
ConnectReal-Time Data Streaming
InsightPerformance Analytics
PredictivePredictive AI
Predictive Send Time OptimizationOptimal Send Time

Please note that the name changes for Insight and Connect will not be reflected in our product or docs until April 24, 2019.

Docs Site

In addition to the new Orchestration and Data & Analytics reorganization, we also relabed Guides to Features. In Features is a new section, Channels, with information about each supported Airship channel.