Automation for email, SMS, and Open Channels

Automation for email, SMS, and Open Channels

As a part of our commitment to cross-channel coordination, you can now automate messages for all of your channels, including email, SMS, and Open Channels. Automation for email, SMS, and Open Channels supports Event, Tag Change, and First Seen triggers. You can now trigger automations for things like:

  • Messaging first-time commercial email subscribers.
  • Notifying your SMS audience when a loyalty tag is added to or removed from them.
  • Triggering email campaigns to users who open or click links in emails from you.

The First Seen trigger replaces the First Open trigger; it performs the same function as First Open but now supports all channels:

  • For your App and Web channels, this trigger works the same as First Open did.
  • For email, SMS, and Open Channels, First Seen triggers your automation when users opt-in or subscribe to messages.

Where First Open was app-centric, First Seen now represents the first time your Airship project “sees” a user across all of your channels.


For email channels, First Seen represents commercial opt ins.

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