Google Event Tickets

Google Event Tickets are now live in Reach! With the introduction of event tickets as a bona fide pass type for Google Wallet API, we now support event ticket templates in our dashboard, a new Events API, and upgraded Adaptive Links to support the distribution of boarding passes via Google Wallet.


To support the new Google event ticket pass type, we developed an Events endpoint for the Reach API, in conjunction with our entertainment and events industry customers. You can use our Events API to create and schedule an event, which contains all the salient details of an event, including the address, the date and time when doors open, when the event begins, etc. If event information changes, just update the event object—all passes associated with the event will be updated.

Example event object:

  "fields": {
    "eventName": {
      "label": "Event",
      "value": "LA Dodgers at SF Giants"
    "venueTitle": {
      "label": "Venue",
      "value": "AT&T Park"
    "venueAddress": {
      "label": "Address",
      "value": "24 Willie Mays Plaza\nSan Francisco, CA 94107"
    "doorsOpen": {
      "label": "Doors Open",
      "value": "2019-09-25T08:35:00"
    "startTime": {
      "label": "Start Time",
      "value": "2019-09-25T09:00:00"
    "endTime": {
      "label": "End Time",
      "value": "2019-09-25T11:00:00"

Event tickets support the same Adaptive Links upgrades we made in support of boarding passes earlier this month:

  • You can create multiple adaptive links in a single API call. Use this to create passes for multiple attendees and/or multiple events at once.
  • You can now update a pass before a user installs it, rather than only post-installation. For event tickets, it’s possible, if not likely, that a pass will have multiple updates before a user installs it.
  • You can now create an external ID for an adaptive link, making it easy to reference an event using your internal nomenclature.

Dashboard Updates

Our dashboard now supports creating and updating Google event tickets with static class-level fields, editable options for event times and venue information. You can test the look and feel of your template by entering attendee information and sending yourself a test pass.

The template editor is similar to other Google Wallet pass types but has a new Event section in the template’s general settings.