Email: Dashboard Updates

Email: Dashboard Updates

In this release, we upgraded our email capabilities, making it simpler to compose and personalize your omnichannel campaigns. Now you can compose and send email messages from the dashboard.

Dashboard Methods

  • Custom HTML: Send HTML emails built by your in-house creative team, right from our web dashboard.

  • Template: Select from a list of previously created templates, then upload a list of email addresses or phone numbers with merge fields.

Both methods support immediate or scheduled sending, and Custom HTML also supports the use of merge fields.

Integrated Flow

Email and SMS are fully integrated with the omnichannel workflow. When selecting your target platforms, if you combine SMS or Email with additional platforms, the content is configured on separate tabs.

Use Cases

By adding the ability to compose, send, and personalize emails from our dashboard, our native email solution can support several new use cases including:

  • Promotional blast messaging: great for Retail, Sports/Entertainment, and Travel verticals
  • Breaking news alerts for the Media industry
  • Promotional mobile wallet delivery, such as coupons and loyalty cards


To learn more, we have a number of guides and tutorials at your disposal: