Create and Send

Create and Send

Today we bring you Create and Send: Register users in the Airship system and send a notification, all in one action.

Use Cases

Upload your marketing audience list directly when sending notifications from the dashboard, without worrying about users’ registration status. If the user doesn’t exist in the Airship system, we will create it. Opt in/out status is not updated.

This makes it extremely easy to integrate SMS, Email, and Open Channel notifications with existing backend systems—just upload your CSV files directly from the Airship dashboard.

You can also use the API for transactional use cases. A user can be registered and sent a notification in a single API call. Previously, this required multiple API calls and a waiting period for the registration to complete processing.

Please note that Create and Send for Email notifications is restricted to the API only at this time.


Create and Send can be used with the following platforms:

  • SMS
  • Email
  • Open Channels

Platforms cannot be combined, as registration calls are unique to each platform.

How It Works

Prepare your user data — a CSV file for the dashboard, and JSON for API. Then create a message either via the dashboard Message workflow or the new Create and Send API.

  • Dashboard: In the Audience step of the Message workflow, Upload Users appears as an option. After selection, complete the rest of the workflow like normal, and you will upload the list during the Review step.
  • API: The payload is modeled after a push object, but has specialized audience requirements and is limited to a single device_type, one of email, sms, or open::open_channel_name.