Predictive Send Time Optimization GA

We are pleased to announce the general availability of Predictive Send Time Optimization. Now you can take the guesswork out of sending relevant messages to users at precisely the right time. Drive stronger engagement with your audience by optimizing delivery times based on user behavior, reaching people at the moment they may be most receptive to your message.

How do I use it?


Send Time Optimization takes the guesswork out of sending messages to users at the right time. When choosing a delivery time in a message workflow, you now have three delivery time options:

  • Send Now
  • Schedule
  • Optimize

If you choose to optimize, we will deliver the message at the optimal time of day for the given recipient, which is updated each week. In cases where we have not collected enough data to determine an optimal send time for a particular user, we will use the app's aggregate optimal time.

See the Dashboard section of the PSTO guide for more details: Predictive Send Time Optimization: Dashboard.


See the API section of the PSTO guide for details: Predictive Send Time Optimization: API.

Data Products

Predictive Send Time Optimization uses one of our core user targeting systems, tags, to reach users at the best time. As such, event data related to PSTO, i.e., Tag Change Events are available in the event stream.

With Insight, understand your users' best time and other attributes associated with best time, such as general best time by platform and day of the week.