New Message Action: Adaptive Links

Sending passes to your users just got easier: you can select a pass’s Adaptive Link right from the dashboard and include it in a message.


Your account must include both messaging and Mobile Wallet. Please contact your Airship account manager for more information.

Wallet passes are distributed via URL. Instead of creating separate links for your iOS and Android users, generate a single Adaptive Link that automatically detects the device OS and installs the appropriate pass.

The Message: Actions

When creating a message, you must choose which action occurs after a user clicks, taps, or swipes your message. You can now select the Adaptive Link action and specify which pass to include in your message.

When a user interacts with your message, it will open the wallet pass.

Get started

  1. Create an Adaptive Link in the dashboard.

  2. Create a new message in the dashboard, selecting the Adaptive Link action and specifying which pass to include. (Tutorials are linked in Resources below.)

  3. Send your message!