Insight Dashboard Update and Cross-Project Aggregation

Insight Dashboard Update and Cross-Project Aggregation

Have you noticed lately how wonderful Insight’s Messages dashboard is now? Oh, good, you have. Well, then let me tell you why it’s so great: we consolidated to a single report! All your messaging analytics can now be accessed from our new Engagement Metrics report, which lists detailed results of your messaging:

All Message, Automation, and A/B Test notifications from the last seven complete days, along with the Delivery/Display Counts, Direct Response Metrics, and Uninstall Metrics for each.

All Message Types are included: Push Notifications, Web Notifications, Message Center Deliveries, and In-App Message Displays. Uninstalls are attributed to a notification if they occur within one hour of delivery or display.

But wait! There’s more!

The underlying explore that the Engagement Metrics report is based on now allows cross-project aggregation, so you access all workflow types and channels. Make sure to set up access to projects via (