Automation for Web Notify

You can now send triggered web push notifications via the dashboard or the API, using Automation.

Use Cases

Send a specific type of message in response to user behavior.

  • Send a reminder message after a user abandons their shopping cart.
  • Send a customer satisfaction survey message based on a purchase event of a particular SKU.
  • Send a Welcome message after a user opts in to web notifications.
  • Send a confirmation message after a user configures your website’s preference center.
  • Send a “More like this” message when a user views a video in the sports category.


Create automated messages for your opted-in web users using the following event triggers:

  • Inactivity
  • Registration / First Open
  • Tag Change
  • Custom Events


We’ve also updated the Automation message report to include metrics for web notifications, as well as improved the report’s layout and design.

Send a Web Push Notification


Send a single automated message to reach users on any of your configured platforms in one step.


Sending to web devices is supported via our Automation API. Simply include web as one of your target device types. Additional options specific to web browsers are available using the Web platform override.