Email Notifications

Email Notifications

Use Airship Email Notifications to send personalized transactional email and triggered email for cross-channel customer engagement. First create notification style templates, then send triggered emails via our API.


  • Segmenting and targeting users, including named users
  • Email registration and unsubscribe capabilities
  • Aggregate dashboards for real-time updates
  • Insight support to view send and deliverability metrics
  • Connect support to send deliverability metrics to a central data lake

Use Cases

  • Retail: Send an email for app re-acquisition if a user churns, shipping updates, onboarding, coupon and loyalty pass delivery, and more.
  • Media: Send highly-segmented news updates.
  • Travel and Hospitality: Send boarding passes, day of travel updates, and reservation reminders.


Email notifications should be based on a template. Templates are created in your project dashboard. First define merge fields so that the message is personalized for each user, then choose a layout and customize its appearance and settings.

How To Send an Email Notification

  1. Create an email template.
  2. Send a test email to yourself right from the dashboard, before saving the template for use.
  3. Send the message using the template, via our API. See: Send Email.


Since setup requires configuration by Airship, you must request that email notification be added to your project. After that, add your customers' email addresses to your project so you can send to them. This is done via the API, so it is generally handled by a developer. Follow the steps in: Email: User Registration.