UI Support for Location (Region) Attributes

UI Support for Location (Region) Attributes

Introduced as Region Attributes in our API, we now have UI support for this feature, via a new Automation rule event trigger: Location Attributes.

Location attributes are key/value pair metadata associated with a particular location, e.g., chain:BobsBurgers, has_blender:yes.

Using that pair, you can trigger an automated message to any user who enters a Bob’s Burgers franchise location that has a blender1 and offer them a deal on a milkshake. For an additional example, see the Region Attributes API release note.

Location triggering requires our Gimbal integration. See the Location Triggers guide for more information and the Location Triggers tutorial for detailed usage steps.

Ready to start using the Location Attributes event trigger? Set up an automation rule now by following the Automation Composer Tutorial.

1 Please address any lack of blender with that location’s franchise owner.