Web Notify Custom Events

Web Notify Custom Events

Now you can track user activities and conversions on your website with Custom Events. Track common account-, media-, or retail-related events using ready-made Custom Event Templates, or create your very own bespoke, hand-crafted, artisanal events.

We’re excited about the rapid pace of development on our Web Notify product line. Since launching in May 2017, we have added support for Insight, Connect, and now Custom Events, with lots more coming later this year. Thank you for the feature requests. Keep them coming and stay tuned!

Use Cases

Create and track a custom event when a user adds an item to their cart, makes a purchase, signs up for an account, or views a video.

Here are just a few example events you can track, courtesy of our Custom Event Templates guide.

Account Registration Event

new sdk.CustomEvent.templates.account.RegisterEvent().track()

Consumed Content Event

new sdk.CustomEvent.templates.media.ConsumedContentEvent().track()

Browsed content event with optional properties

new sdk.CustomEvent.templates.media.BrowsedContentEvent(null, {
  category: "entertainment"
  identifier: "12322"
  description: "Watching latest entertainment news."
  type: "video"
  author: "UA Enterprises"
  feature: true
  published_date: "2017-10-13T17:47:09"

Analytics Reporting

Custom Events from your site are accessible via Connect, Insight, and via the Event Tracking report in our Engage Reports Dashboard.

Insight customers will be able to see how a notification that was sent through both web and app channels drives a custom event, such as adding something to cart or making a purchase.

Connect customers can consume web custom events and feed them into a CRM database, or create Custom Event Triggers via our Automation engine.

Bonus Release: Server-Side Custom Events

Historically, Server Side Custom Events have not been included in our Reports dashboards in Engage. As part of this release, all Server-Side Custom Events will now appear in both the message reports (per push reports) and the Event Tracking report.

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