Adaptive Links

Reach users rejoice! Instead of creating separate links for iOS and Android passes, you can start using a single Adaptive Link that automatically detects the device OS and installs the appropriate pass.

With Adaptive Links, you can easily personalize passes by adding the personalization parameters to your request, and upload a list of relevant locations to associate with your passes.

Instant Pass Personalization

When clicked, Adaptive Links deliver instant pass personalization via any distribution channel by leveraging CRM data. No API call required! Simply append the personalized fields to the end of your link like so:

In the above example, by adding the ?offercode=BACK2SCHOOL parameter to the end of the Adaptive Link, you are passing the BACK2SCHOOL offer code to anyone who clicks on the link to the pass, regardless of whether they access the link from an iOS or Android device, or a landing page URL.

Location Detection

Upload a list of locations into Reach and Reach will auto-select the ten nearest locations and associate them to iOS passes (iOS limits the pass to 10 locations) without any additional work.

See the locations array for an Adaptive Link Request in our Reach API reference for details on uploading locations.

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