We’re pleased to announce support for tvOS 10 in our latest iOS SDK release: 8.4.0. This release includes support for building a tvOS-compatible framework that can be integrated into any project running tvOS version 10 and above.

The tvOS framework supports the following features:

  • Remote badging
  • Content-available notifications
  • Analytics (Including Airship Connect and Insight)

With these features you can implement some of the following use cases:

  • Badging an app icon to draw users’ attention to new content.
  • Tracking which in-app views your users navigate to the most.
  • Fetching new content in the background without requiring user action.

Also included in the release is the tvOS Sample. This is a tvOS application written in Swift that can be used to test and explore the supported feature set with minimal configuration steps. To get started with the tvOS sample, check out the tvOS Sample readme for step-by-step setup instructions.

Integrating Airship into an existing tvOS project is easy—simply follow the installation instructions for the SDK 8.4.0. Then you’re ready to start using tvOS.