Connect: Server-Side Custom Events

Connect: Server-Side Custom Events

As a Connect customer, you can now integrate server-side custom events with your business systems. We have added a new source attribute to the Custom Event object that specifies the origin of the event, either your app or your server.

All events sent via our server-side custom events API can now be streamed in real time via Connect. See custom events in our Connect API reference for details on the custom event object.

This added functionality allows you to leverage Connect as a lightweight enterprise data bus to consolidate and warehouse all user behavior via a simple, real-time API.

The Connect API has been updated to include a new source key for a CUSTOM event, the value of which can be sdk or api. Here is an example of a server-side custom event:

   "name" : "shoe-purchase",
   "value" : 60.000000,
   "properties": {
      "category": "womens_shoes",
      "description": "plaid canvas",
      "brand": "hipster"
   "source": "api"

Use Cases

  • Track how engaged users interact with your brand across multiple channels over time

  • Trigger actions in other systems such as letting a customer service or sales associate know that a high-valued user has or has not completed a conversion goal

  • Simplify the collection of data into a consistent API for your Data Science and BI teams

For a complete overview of custom events, see the Custom Events topic guide.