Reach Scheduling

Now you can schedule pass updates from the UI and the API. Save time and automate your campaign publishing workflow with intuitive controls, up to 30 days out. Select all passes or a segment to target with the update.

This new scheduling feature is part of the Publish action, previously known as Sync Changes. See the Publish Tutorial in our UI documentation for details about scheduling updates.

This release also includes new API endpoints for scheduling pass updates and performing operations on existing schedules. See Reach Schedules in our API reference for details.

Example: Schedule a new update.

POST /v1/schedules/12345 HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Basic <Base64 key>
Content-Type: application/json
Api-Revision: 1.2

   "name": "New Offer Update",
   "schedule": {
      "scheduled_time": "2017-04-10T18:45:00"
   "update": {
      "audience": {
         "tag": "TZ_ET"
      "pass": {
         "fields": {
            "primary1": {
               "value": "$20 Off"
            "secondary1": {
               "value": "Mega Offer"
      "template": "12345"