Android Things

We're pleased to announce support for IoT devices running Android Things. And by 'announcing support' we mean 'it just works.' So you can think of this as more of a serendipitous discovery than a release note but still. We wanted you to know. Thanks, Google!

Push notifications, In-App Messaging, Message Center, and analytics are all supported. Send data to and and run Airship Actions on your connected devices.

Simply install the Airship Android SDK in your Things project as you would in and Android project, and take advantage of (nearly) all the notification and messaging features Airship has to offer.

We say "nearly" all the features because as you know, not all devices running Things have a screen to display notifications, let alone a touch/swipe interface. So you'll need to consider the user experience, and possibly even your definition of user, since the device itself may be the end user of the notifcation.

For example, a payload including this notification object does not include an alert key, but passes a key/value pair under the extra object, instructing the device to update a config.

"notification": {
   "android": {
      "extra": {
         "update_config": "true"

This example triggers an app-defined action to ring the doorbell using the meow.caf audio file.

"actions": {
   "app_defined": {
      "ring_doorbell": "meow.caf"

For more information, see the following resources:

:computer: :chart_with_upwards_trend: