iOS 10 Support

We are pleased to announce support for iOS 10 in our latest iOS SDK release: 8.0.0. With the launch of iOS 10, we are adding support for iOS Rich Notifications and content extensions. Get started creating iOS 10 apps today by:

  • Installing our iOS SDK 8.0.0.

  • Enabling a notification service extension in your project.

  • Sending rich notifications via our API by using the Media Attachment key.

  • Sending rich notifications through our Message Composer, Automation, and Message Personalization UIs.

iOS Rich Notifications

Rich Notifications on iOS let you add images, animated GIFs, audio and video to push notifications. This gives you a number of new ways to engage with your users right from the notification.

The example below includes an image with banner thumbnail, notification summary, and two interactive response options.

This is a major step towards parity with Android, where rich notifications have proven to be a boon to marketers. Read more about rich notification engagement rates on our blog.

See the new Media options in our composers' Optional Content Features.

Python Library Support

We have also updated our Airship Python library to support all new iOS 10 features. Enjoy!

Further Reference:

iOS SDK 8.0.0 Migration guide: iOS SDK 8.0 Migration Guide

iOS SDK 8.0.0 Documentation: iOS platform documentation