Automation Timing


Now you can specify dayparts for targeting users in your peak audience windows.

Daypart is a term borrowed from the broadcasting industry, used to denote times of day within which you would like to reach your target audience. Some recognizable examples from television and radio include Morning Rush, Afternoon Drive, or Must-see TV. Since advertisers know that the eyeballs (or ears) they are targeting are in abundance during those days and times, they will pay a premium to advertise during those dayparts.

Dayparts are available in our new Timing Object, which now serves as the sole place for timing-based Automation feature development. Note that we also moved the Automation delay feature to the timing object!

Preferred Time

You can also specify a preferred time within a window, further optimizing the effect of the message. For example, if a user adds a tag indicating they might eat lunch tomorrow, you can send out your lunch-related message tomorrow, "after 11 a.m., but no later than 1 p.m., preferrably at 11:30 a.m., when they are making lunch plans."

            "days_of_week" : ["monday", "tuesday", "wednesday", "thursday", "friday"],
            "allowed_times" : [
                  "start" : "11:00:00",
                  "end" : "13:00:00",
                  "preferred" : "11:30:00"

Automation Timing and Dayparting are available in the API as of this release. Watch this space for an upcoming announcement about dashboard support.

To learn more, check out Automation Timing in our API reference.