Connect: ID Matching

ID Matching allows you to associate up to 20 external identfiers to an Airship user.

Simply associate the external identifier, e.g., IDFA, Google Analytics CID, Salesforce ID, etc., to the Airship user ID (Channel ID) in the SDK. When the association is made, Airship Connect receives the event and matches your ID with the UA channel ID.

Subsequently, all associated identifiers are returned in the Connect data stream under the "identifiers" key:

   "ios_channel": "a6b392d6-3b0d-4c00-98ef-5cb91d51268a",
   "named_user_id": "albert",
   "identifiers": {
     "foo": "bar",
     "com.urbanairship.idfa": "9D55CAC8-79E3-4567-8A99-8465B7A12868",
     "cid": "123554"
   "attributes": {
     "package_name": "com.company_name.app_name",
     "version": "1.0.0",
     "ua_library": "7.0.2"

For additional details, please see the Connect API documentation. For information about setting up custom identifiers, please see our Android and iOS documentation.