Engage: Automation Limits

Knowing when not to send a message can be as critical to your messaging campaigns as knowing when to send one.

At Airship, we understand the delicate balance between under- and over-engagement. And we are excited to announce the release of Automation Limits, a new app-level control option for Automated Messages. Automation Limits give you another tool to manage the engagement balance, beyond the message-level limits that exist today.

Customers that have a large number of active automated messages can use this feature to specify a limit on the number of automated messages a device can receive in a given time period. For example, you can impose a limit of 3 automated messages in a 24-hour period, preventing devices from receiving more than 3 automated messages in a day.

You can have up to two Automation Limits configured simultaneously:

For more information on enabling Automation Limits, please see Manage Automation Limits in our User Guide documentation.