Engage: Lifecycle Lists

Last month, we released Audience Lists, a method for targeting custom lists of device identifiers. We are pleased to announce an upgrade to the Audience List functionality with Lifecycle Lists. Lifecycle Lists are similar to the previously released Uploaded Lists, but rather than being based on uploaded CSV files, they are auto-generated by Airship:

We currently provide three different list types:

  • First App Open: Users that have opened the app for the first time in the given time interval.

  • Opened App: Users that have opened the app in the given time interval.

  • Sent Notification: User devices that have received a notification within the given time interval.

Each list type (with the exception of First App Open) generates a total of three Audience Lists, one for each of the following time intervals: yesterday, last 7 days, and last 30 days.

For more information on Lifecycle Lists, please see our Audience Lists and API documentation.