SDK Updates

We're happy to announce the release of the Airship SDK version 6.1.0, which provides additional support for our spring release features. Highlights include:

Tag Groups

You can now easily add or remove tags to/from Tag Groups via the SDK. This functionality allows you to coordinate tag events that occur on the device with tag groups that may be primarily managed in a different database, e.g., a customer loyalty program.

Here we have an example of adding customer loyalty tags to a predefined Tag Group on iOS:

// Add tags to a Tag Group.
NSArray *tagsToAdd = @[@"silver-member", @"gold-member"];
[[UAirship push] addTags:tagsToAdd group:@"loyalty"];

// Update the registration.
[[UAirship push] updateRegistration];

For details on modifying Tag Groups from the SDK, see: iOS Tag Groups and Android/Amazon Tag Groups.

Associate/Disassociate Channels with Named Users

While this functionality was available in the 6.0 release, it was not previously called out in the release notes, so we'd like to highlight this important feature here.

Once your application has a Channel ID, you may wish to explicitly associate it with a Named User, for example upon a user authentication or logout. For details on associating/disassociating Channels, see: Android/Amazon Named Users and iOS Named Users.

iOS Wallet Action

We added new Action "wallet_action" ( UAWalletAction ) that allows downloads and displays a Passbook pass.

Simply enter the shortcut ^w or the long name, wallet_action in the Key field under Optional Settings section when composing your message.

See: iOS Actions for a rundown of the current available actions.