SDK Updates

In September, we released a major update to our iOS SDK in order to support many of the new features in iOS 8. This month, we bring our Android and Amazon up to parity with that release. See: iOS 8 New Feature Roundup for details.


Updates to the 5.0 SDK on iOS, Android, and Amazon are required to take advantage of Interactive Notifications and Custom Events functionality. We highly recommend that you update to the latest version as soon as your development cycle permits.

Android/Amazon Combined SDK Release: 5.0

Android and Amazon apps are now supported via the same SDK bundle. This allows developers to deploy the same application binary to both the Google Play store and the Amazon App Store. Previously, our support for messaging via ADM (Amazon Device Messaging) required a separate version of our SDK (version 4.0).

Full feature parity with our 5.0.0 release for iOS includes:

  • Interactive Notifications — push notifications that enable users to take action, e.g., follow a story, set a preference, dismiss, etc. Each action can trigger Airship Actions such as setting or removing tags, tracking custom events for reporting, etc.

  • Built-in Interactive Notifications — predefined interactive notification types, for the most common use cases— no additional development required. See Built-In Interactive Notification Types for complete reference.

  • Custom Interactive Notification Support - define your own interactive notifications that use the UA Actions framework, or your own custom code. See iOS Custom Interactive Notifications or Android/Amazon Custom Interactive Notifications for more detail on the implementation.

  • Share Action - Pass special sharing text along to e.g. Twitter, when user swipes a push or taps an interactive notification button. See Android/Amazon Share Actions and iOS Share Actions for details.

  • Custom Events/Conversion Tracking — report on key user activities. Interactive notification button clicks are counted by default and listed alongside Custom Events.

  • Channels Support — take advantage of the latest Airship device identification standard, Channels . Now Android is up to speed with Amazon and iOS. See the Channels Primer for the latest updates on Airship Channels.