Engage: First Open Automation Trigger

A user’s level of interest in your app is typically highest at the moment they download the app and interact with it for the first time. Studies have shown that a user’s failure to reengage with the app within the subsequent 7 days is a strong signal that the user will never open the app again.

In order to address this severe attrition risk, we are introducing the First Open Automation trigger.

The first time a user opens your app, this unique event is stored and made available as a relative trigger on which subsequent Automated messages or campaigns can be based.

Similar to the current set of available triggers,

  • “open” — matches any app open
  • “tag_added” — matches when a specific tag is added
  • “tag_removed” — matches when a specific tag is removed

The difference between a First Open and an Open is obvious: It can happen only once! Keep this in mind when contructing your messages. A common application for this type of trigger would be the “Welcome Series,” in which you would specify several intervals after the user’s first interaction with the app to “check in,” introduce popular features, etc.

For more information, please see the Automation Composer Tutorial and the Automation section of the API docs.