Wallet: Offers Support for Google Wallet

Wallet Studio now supports Google Wallet Offers templates. Consumers can save offers and coupons to their Google Wallet account by using the “Save to Google” button on websites and emails. Consumers can then use the offer in store by showing or scanning their mobile phone at time of purchase.

Use the drag and drop wizard in the Wallet Studio to craft the offer and then utilize the Save to Wallet feature to distribute the offer to consumers. In order to create a Google Wallet Offer, use the Coupon pass type when creating a new project, or use an existing Coupon type project. Add a new template and click on the Google Wallet option. You can now customize your offer just like any other pass type. You can also reuse existing fields from other templates that you may have already created.

Once the Offers template is ready, simply save it and utilize the Save to Wallet functionality to distribute. You can also make updates to offers that have been distributed just as you would with Google Loyalty Cards.