Apple News Composer Tutorial

Use the Apple News composer to send a push notification that links to an Apple News story.

Apple News stories are viewed in the Apple News app on iOS and macOS. Learn more in Apple News Notifications.

  1. Open your project from the dashboard, then click Create and select the Apple News composer.
  2. Enter the Push Notification Text you want to accompany the Apple News story, limited to 130 characters.The preview updates as you compose your message. The Channel Name entered when setting up the service appears in bold.
  3. Click Select a story, then click to select from the list that appears.Story information displayed:
    • Title
    • Share URL: If the story has a canonical URL, it is displayed here instead of the share URL.
    • Status: Only Live or Processing stories may be selected. If an article is processing, the message will be sent when processing is complete. A story that was retracted cannot be selected.
  4. Optionally select recipient Countries. This defaults to All. Available countries are dependent on the selections made when setting up the service with Airship, not necessarily the countries you have configured with Apple.

    Select the radio button for Choose, then click to make your selection from the list that appears. After your first selection, use the Select a country dropdown menu to add another country.

  5. Confirm the message appearance and content in the preview.
  6. Send your message! Click Send Now at the bottom of your window. If the selected story is still processing, the button will instead be labeled Send When Live.

We validate the country selection when Send Now is clicked. If a country selected here is not configured in your Apple News publisher channel settings, you will see the error Country not available when attempting to send to that country. Edit country selection in Settings » Channels » Mobile App Platforms. See: Configure Apple News.


Messages cannot be retracted or deleted.

View Apple News Message History

Go to Messages » Apple News to see a year's history of your Apple News messages.