Manage Access Levels

Change a team member’s access level.


Only the company account owner or a team member with administrator permission can edit a user’s access level.

Edit Access Level

  1. Go to Settings » Team Access.
  2. Click edit next to the user’s current access level.
  3. Select a new access level.
  4. Click Save.

Permissions per Access Level

PermissionOwnerAdministratorFull AccessReports OnlyComposers OnlyReports & ComposersReports, Composers, Segments
Create a project
Delete a project
Send Team Access invitations
View all user activity in the Team Management Activity log
Modify Team Management Security settings
Create and modify an IP Whitelist
Change user’s access level
Manage test groups
Edit a project
View App Key, Secret, and Master Secret
View, create, and modify Segments
View, print, and export Reports
Compose messages
Create Content Templates and Snippets
Create Composer Favorites